About Me

Raul Francois Russian Morrison is a multi-talented US citizen and Venezuelan businessman with an impressive education obtained at home and abroad at MIT in the United States. He currently works as an educational instructor and a contractor in the energy sector.

When he is not working on behalf of clients, Morrison enjoys pursuing his interests.

Current roles

Raul Francois Russian Morrison serves maintains a diverse career with several roles occupied as of 2022.

He is very proud to serve as an ad honorem instructor at the Oil Facilities Physical Security Training School G/D Freddy José Alcázar Weir in Punta de Manta, a role he started in October 2016.

Advisory roles are numerous and include consulting on drilling management in the Punta de Mata Division since 2016 and on the production, optimization, and management of the Furrial division for PDVSA East.

Petróleos de Venezuela, or PDVSA, is a corporation belonging to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and is subordinated to the Venezuelan State. The operation of the corporation is policed by the nation's oil national policy governing body, and it functions based on established parameters outlined in governing documents. PDVSA plans, coordinates, supervises, and controls the company's activities domestically and abroad.

In addition to his work with PDVSA East, Raul Francois also serves as a project advisor in EPS management for the PDVSA CVP Contractor EPS Serviproject, a role ending in 2022, and as a reservoir engineer in the Furrial District Reservoir Management for the EPS Serviproject on an ongoing basis. EPS projects focus on providing economic opportunities to local communities via financial assistance from the government. They can generate both goods and services to meet the needs of the community and offer residents opportunities to participate in the labor force in industries like petroleum,

Career History

Raul Francois Russian Morrison's career history includes additional contract work for entities engaging in partnerships with the Venezuelan government.

His investment interests extend beyond commercial contracts and enterprises to cattle, building investments, industrial warehouses, and real estate.

Professional Skills and Experience

Successfully executing government contracts requires top-notch negotiation skills, including a strong ability to communicate and quickly analyze and comment on large amounts of information in formal and informal settings.

Raul Francois Russian Morrison's ability to synthesize a high level of details down to concise summaries and big-picture plans makes it easy to share projects and long-term visions with officials and stakeholders at all levels of government. With community-based initiatives, sharing information informally and connecting with those who benefit from workforce initiatives and the organizations that lead these efforts locally is also necessary. Raul Francois is trilingual with a high degree of fluency in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Academic Background

Raul Francois Russian Morrison attended high school at the Colegio Instituto Escuela from 1985 to 1990 and pursued higher education several years later. He obtained a bachelor's degree from Venezuela Central University in 2007 and one from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Business in 2013.

Additional certifications include a Trade Finance program from the International Chamber of Commerce completed in 2016 and a Leadership in an Exponentially Changing World course from MIT's Sloan School of Management in 2020.

Personal Interests/Hobbies

Raul Francois is the son of Virginia Morrison and Raul Russian Requena.

His youth and early life included diverse interests he maintains to this day, such as racing horses and farming.


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