Raul Francois Russian Morrison

Currently works as an educational instructor and a contractor in the energy sector in United States

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Raul Francois Russian Morrison is a multi-talented US citizen and Venezuelan businessman with an impressive education obtained at home and abroad at MIT in the United States. He currently works as an educational instructor and a contractor in the energy sector.

When he is not working on behalf of clients, Morrison enjoys pursuing his interests.

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January 24, 2023

What Are Drilling Operations?

Drilling operations are the procedures involved in extracting oil or gas from the earth. These methods include the use of drilling rigs, drill pipes, and drilling fluids. The term “drilling” is disputed, as some claim that it refers to a structure, while others argue that it relates to using a derrick. The function of a […]

Types of Warehouses
January 5, 2023

What Is the Distinction Between Logistics and Storage?

When you are dealing with a warehouse, you are dealing with a logistics system. A logistics system is one that allows products to be delivered to customers in a timely manner.The process of delivering the goods involves a series of steps and activities that are designed to get the product from the warehouse to the […]

November 7, 2022

Types of Warehouses

A warehouse has a lot of functions. It helps companies manage stock and reduce lead times between various parts of the supply chain. Typically, it is situated between the end customer and a distribution centre. This type of warehouse is also known as a “transit warehouse” because the stock it houses is not kept on […]

October 24, 2022

What Is Industrial Logistics?

Industrial logistics is the physical flow of goods and associated services that enable spatially dispersed production. These services include transportation, warehouse management, and inventory control. In addition, industrial logistics helps businesses manage their supply chains to achieve a consistent level of quality. Read our articles on Unitization, Material handling, and Reverse logistics for more information. […]

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